HONOLULU (KHON2) – As seen on Living 808 HERE. The 100th year anniversary of the end of World War One will be commemorated on Sunday, Veteran’s Day at the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial.

This tribute will bring to light Hawaii’s participation in the war and honor our ancestors who aided the war efforts and volunteered their services.

Donna Ching, who is the WWI centennial task force vice chairman and Manny Manchester is a task force member both joined John Veneri in studio to tell us more about the task force and celebration.

“Here in Hawaii, we’ve been meeting since 2015.  Our first commemorative event was on April 2, 2017, remembering the German U-boat sinking of the US-flagged, SS Aztec. Of the 29 mariners who died, 6 were from Hawaii. The US declared its entry into the war four days later. Of course Europe has been holding WWI Centennial Events since 2014. Since last April we’ve held 22 commemoration events.  On November 11th,  Hawaii joins the world in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the fighting.”

Donna added to Manny’s comments by saying, “For me what is so remarkable is the DEPTH and DIVERSITY of Hawaii’s contributions to WWI.  Though we were just a territory at the time, Hawaii’s rate of volunteer enlistment exceeded that of every other state in the nation. Native Hawaiians, as well as IMMIGRANT Chinese, Japanese and Filipino men stepped forward en masse to serve.  But it wasn’t just the military. Civilian support came from all corners, bond rallies, knitting campaigns, rationing, Red cross volunteers, just to name a few things.”

It’s a full day of events plalned for Sunday that include the States Veterans Day service, a vintage airshow and F-22 fly-over, a WWI history museum and film festival and several concerts including the Harry James Orchestra, Raiatea Helm and the UH Marine Corps Big Brass Band.